Our family was invited to share our adoption story with our church during November's "Adoption Month". 

This is the testimony we shared...thought we'd post it here on the web as well :)


It is so comfortable to live our comfortable lives in our comfortable homes with our comfortable planned number of __ (fill in the blank) children.    But what if God isnít looking for us to be comfortable?  What if he wants us to leave our comfort zone and experience the thrill of knowing that we are answering His call?  What if that includes adding a 5th spot at the dinner table, re-baby proofing the house, and re-arranging the kidís rooms to include another bed?  What if that 5th spot doesnít speak your language, has developmental delays, or other medical issues that you will have to address?

Will you answer His call?

The prospect is scary, the process is daunting, and the hardships unknown, but is it worth it? 

How can it not be?  God promises peace to those who do His will.  And I have to tell you, that peace is incredible.  Knowing that you are on a plane because God asked you to be there, going to meet your daughter for the first time because God asked you to be her mother, is an experience I will never forget.  Hearing her whisper ďI love youĒ in my ear when she hugs me at home is my reward for not giving into fear and uncertainty. 

I have given birth to two children in hospital rooms and I met my third daughter for the first time in a sparse hotel room lounge, but I can tell you honestly there is no difference.  They are all my children and have the same place in my heart.  The only difference I see with my adopted daughter is that every time I look at her, I am so deeply aware of the gift that God has given me.  I think you can take your birth children for granted sometimes, but perhaps it is because Mylie has been with us such a short time, she just looks like a gift of God to me. 

If anyone reading this is contemplating adoption, I would only say this.  If you think itís your Christian duty to adopt a child, donít do it.  If you truly believe that God has given you a love for children and is telling you that He has put room in your heart for one more of His children, donít let anything stop you! 

You will NEVER regret it.   

Kris and Dave Gleason Ė Danielle, MacKenzie, and Mylie