Beiliu, China
August 2007

Minnesota, USA
August 2008

What a wonderful, joy filled year!!


Ships are safe inside their harbor.
But is that what ships are for?

-- Thom Bishop, Wake up and dream

I love that quote.  When I imagine a harbor, I always picture waters so still they are like glass; reflecting the glorious pink and golden hues of a sunset on the horizon.  I picture old fishing boats, all carefully tended, safely lined up in their rows, and tied neatly in their slips.

But is that all a ship was made for?  Would a ship not lose its appeal if it was forever anchored?

I believe it is the same with us.  Dave and I have been blessed with a beautiful harbor.  We have good health, a secure home, and two beautiful daughters.  But, as I think about that quote, I can't help but think that God did not intend for us to stay anchored.  He wants us to enjoy the safety of the harbor, but He also wants for us to sail the wild seas with Him as our captain.

He asked our family to love His children and join Him in a wonderful adoption journey.  As for you, just close your eyes, bow your head, and ask what journey he has in store for you.  It may be a peaceful voyage, or you may endure stormy seas, but you will never regret the time you said to Him, "OK, God, where are we going today?"

~ Kris and Dave Gleason


Bedtime Prayers
by Kristin Gleason

A child’s sad eyes, devoid of all hope,
day after day the same.
Asking inside, is this all there is to life?
Will nothing every change?

Then one day, a man kneels down,
in a country far away.
He says to God, forgive me, Lord,
For I never thought to say.

What would you have me do?
What small part can I share?
To show your love to children,
In need of earthly care?

That very moment the Amen was said,
The heavens let out a cheer.
For the man had finally bowed his head,
And God could soon make clear.

That very moment, unbeknownst to both,
The child’s life was changed.
For in just one year, the man’s home would be altered,
The rooms rearranged.

Now, when nighttime comes to pass
In a bedroom newly painted blue
The child folds her little hands and prays
“Thank you God for mommy and my daddy too”

The child’s eyes once so devoid of life,
Now sparkle with love and laughter
Her hopes for the future are secure
She’d found her happily ever after.

Her daddy remembers with tears in his eyes
Back to just one year ago.
When he finally bowed his head and asked the Lord
Where would you have me go?