Kenzie's Adoption Thoughts: Dec 2007

Adoption by MacKenzie:

 Adoption has changed me because when you adopt it gives a really good feeling in your heart.  The feeling feels like youíve done something right and that you should do it again because so many children are out there in the world who donít have any families. 

Like when we adopted Mylie I felt like I was truly a big sister.  A big sister is fun to be because you have this little sister thatís littler than you and you pretty much never have been a big person in your family before.  And now that youíre a big sister you can actually do stuff thatís older and take care of your little sister or brother.   

When our family adopted Mylie it felt like it was this whole new world that was going to change my old world.  And I was a little bit scared because I was afraid she wouldnít like us at all.  But as days came and went it felt like Mylie was trusting me and Dani more and more.  And now, she really likes us and I love her and am so happy she is in our family.

Before, I was kind of mean sometimes.  Now that we adopted Mylie I am becoming a kind hearted person because when I first saw Mylie I felt this good feeling in my heart.   God helped me through everything that I was worried about and helped me be as kind as I could. 

And now that we can have our first Christmas together, I am so happy because it will be really fun with a two year old that doesnít know anything about Christmas.   Now she can start learning about Christmas and Jesus, born on Christmas day. 

If I could I would say to people, ďThe best thing to do, probably, is to adopt a child because like I said before there are so many children in the world that need help or are very sick and need families.  Iím glad that Mylie is in our family now!