Wednesday, October 10th
JOY !!!
What a GREAT day!!
Today was simply unbelievable, beyond all expectations.  We were able to take the chinks we had made in Mylie's armour yesterday and just crack the whole thing off.   We used every trick we knew (And if you know Dave, you know that's a lot!).  We acted silly, we acted sweet, and sometimes we acted plain wild, but it worked!   I know for a fact that Mylie has never experienced anything like the Gleason family craziness -- there were plenty of times where Mylie let us know we needed to back off a bit but as soon as we saw an opening, we took it.   She now loves to giggle, spin in circles, and take wild and crazy stroller rides.   By the end of the day we were all laughing so hard it hurt...literally.  

We received a group of photos from the orphange the day that we officially adopted Mylie.   Every single picture featured a small little girl with a distrustful stare.   The orphange officials described her as a solemn child and said her temperment at the orphanage was much like the quiet, somber attitude on Gotcha Day.  

What a difference a family makes!!

Happy in Nanning!
(Well at least I wore Dave out so much he's been sleeping since 8:30!)
Kris, Dave and Mylie