Thursday, October 11th
I have struggled with what to say in this day's web blog.  With each of the other days during this trip I have just felt overwhelmed with emotion and wanted to share that with you all.  Whether it be awe, or fear, or excitement.  Today just felt like...a family.  I guess that's a very, very good thing.  

We spent the day teaching Mylie how to play puzzles, how to say please and thank you in sign language, blow kisses, and have lots and lots of fun.   Her temper tantrums are classic, but short lived, and we are trying to get her to understand that they are not acceptable.  Really, just every day parenting life.  

We love her and I'm quite certain she thinks we're pretty great too :)  We can't wait to get her home and introduce her to her two sweet, loving, big sisters.  They are going to have such a good time together.

Kris, Dave and Mylie
We asked our guide to take us to a playground in Nanning.  He took us to a huge indoor playland where Mylie had a fantastic time.  
Pictures of Nanning
The day we arrived on Oct 5th, Nanning was awarded a prestigious United Nations award for improving the lives of its people and the beautification of its city.   It is hard to believe when you are within the city that this region is among the poorest in China.  But a large amount of its rural population lives in utter poverty.   From what we can tell, however, the Chinese government and people recognize this problem and openly discuss it.   Sadly, it is not a problem that has an immediate fix.  After seeing the work ethic of the Chinese people in person, I have very little doubt they will succeed with any goals they set, and they are busy setting some pretty lofty goals for their country.