Sunday, October 14th
"Dave's Turn at this Blog thing"
Now that Kris has gone to bed early, I have hijacked this blog.

Not much new to report on Mylie, just seeing gains day by day.  She has been a little sick the last 3 days and is taking longer naps and sleeping longer at night.  During the day she is not eating nearly as much, and is a little on the "out of it" side.  It is harder to get her to smile and have fun right now, but whe think it is just the cold.

She is amazing at how fast she learns things.  I don't know if it is just her being a sponge or that combined with Kris's absolute dedication to getting her to be able to communicate better with us.

While I'm thinking of it, I might as well toot my own horn for a bit.  I have to say I am the smartest man alive.  I mean how could I not be?  I married Kris, case closed!
These are some carvings we saw while touring a house that was built in 1890 by the Chen family.  It is sort of a museum.  These carvings were breathtaking in person.  The amount of time put into these is unamaginable to me.
This is a closeup of the ball at the top of the second picture.  There are 13 balls inside of each other.  They all move independently.
I think I will leave the blogging to Kris.  She is a lot better writer than I.