Monday, October 14th
Long naps, a trip to the zoo, and silly fun!!

Hello everyone!   Today we had our consulate appointment.   We didn't even have to leave our hotel room for it...instead our guide took all of our paperwork for us and we just waited in the hotel for 2 hours in case there were any questions.   That worked out perfectly because Mylie got up yesterday morning at 8:00 and wanted to lay back in her crib again by 9:30.  I thought it was a bit strange, but when a child who is sitting on your bed playing suddenly flops on her back, closes her eyes, and then opens them and looks pleadingly at you, you get the idea that she actually wants a nap -- a new experience in the Gleason household!  She slept all the way through until 1:30 in the afternoon!  The cold she has must have really tuckered the poor thing out.  No wonder she had been so crabby and lethargic the last few days.

After her nap we went to the zoo here in Guangzhou.  I was a bit nervous because I really don't like zoos if they are not well maintained.  This zoo was great though.  Clean cages and beautiful surroundings.  They had tigers, cheetas, leopards, and black panthers.  Mylie again fell asleep on the ride over to the zoo, so at first she was tired and uninterested in her surroundings.  When we got to the monkey cage, though, she really sparked up.  Then, after she discovered the Chinese version of animal crackers at one of the concession stands, she had a great time.  Cookies will do that for a kid!

Back at the hotel they have a large playroom on ground level for children, so after the zoo we went there and played for a while.  It has few toys, but does have a great carpeted space to roll, run, and somersault on.  Mylie enjoyed all three.  She giggled and laughed and had a great time.  It was the first time in three days that we had seen her fun, silly side.   It has been hard not to be impatient for this cold to pass.  We logically knew that all of her lethargy was caused by being sick, but we only knew her for four days before it happened.  We have been so looking forward to seeing the "real" Mylie again.  

When we got back to our room with our take-out food Mylie entertained us for over an hour.  She was just so sweet and so funny -- her facial expressions are adorable.   During Mylie's first few days with us, she tried all kinds of new foods and loved them -- she even learned to use a fork and spoon.  Now, because of her cold, she wants to be back on Congee and be spoon fed.  Hopefully she will go back to trying new foods once she feels better.   Beware, though grandparents...she stores all of the food she doesn't like in the very front of her mouth!   Only the good stuff gets swallowed!!

She is still having temper tantrums of course, but they are getting more manageable because she knows the signs for "please" and "all done" VERY well now.   She knows that to end one of her tantrums and get a toy back, all she needs to say is "please".  She is very strong willed, so she does not give in right away, but just having that language ability to bring an end to the tantrum is fantastic.   And once the tantrum is over, its over.  She is happy with you and she expects that you will be happy with hard feelings.  

It is actually Tuesday morning here, and Mylie just woke up, so we are going to get ready for breakfast.  Our day should consist of a little bit of shopping, a little bit of playing, a quick trip to swear in at the Consulate and pick up Mylie's passport Visa, and a LOT of packing.  We leave TOMORROW MORNING early for Minnesota!!  

We are so ready to be home and see everyone again (especially you Dani and Kenzie...we love you!!).    We are not so ready for the long plane ride with a two year old.  That could potentially be one of the worst experiences of my life...I am hoping that my fears are unjustified.  We will see...

Kris, Dave and Mylie
Dinner Time at the Zoo
Learning to take off her shoes