Tuesday, October 9th
What a roller coaster ride today has been.   Mylie woke up this morning as somber and uncertain as she went to bed the day before.  No crying, just a few sounds we took for whimpers.  We tried activity after activity to engage her, but no success.  Then...peekaboo!  First, we got just a twinge of the lips, then a tight smile, then we actually saw a grin!  Once Dave saw a crack in her armour, it was all over.  By the time we went to our signing appointment, she was all out giggling.  We now can officially announce her first American words -- "Tickle, Tickle, Tickle"!!  We couldn't have had a better morning.  She liked airplane rides, she liked spinning in circles, everything made her giggle.  We thought we had it made.

Then, came, the NAP.  I always thought naps were positive things in a mom's life, but Mylie woke up with amnesia.  It was as if the morning had never happened.  All progress seemed to be erased.  Dave was enemy #1.  Temper tantrums were thrown for mild transgressions on our part (i.e. standing or sitting at the wrong time).  It was SO discouraging...

So again, we cuddled, we had snacks, we tried activity after activity.  It wasn't until I thought of a rousing game of Patty Cake that I finally saw a glimse of Mylie again.   She still didn't like Dave, so I made a point of cuddling with him and giving him a kiss so she knew I didn't share her low opinion.  A few minutes later she allowed him to pick her up and they've been friends ever since.  We even heard a few more "tickle, tickle, tickles" out of her :)

She's quieting down now, and should be ready for bed soon, so wish us luck!

Kris, Dave and Mylie
Happy Times!!
The paperwork is signed!!  Our first "official family photo".