One Year With Mylie

We met Mylie Yan Gleason almost one year ago, in a cold, bare hotel lounge room in China.  The floors were a plain grey linoleum tile; two sturdy burgundy vinyl couches stood on opposing sides of the room, and a few aluminum clad windows gave us an unspectacular view of the city streets below.  Nothing in that room gave any indication of the wondrous, vibrant joy that one little girl was soon to bring into our lives.   

One year ago, I didn’t expect to have this overwhelming sense of awareness in my heart that right now there are thousands of orphans worldwide and they desperately desire to be loved.  I didn’t expect to want to shout from the rooftops what a blessing adoption is.  I didn’t expect to hurt when I see kind, loving families who have never opened their hearts to the possibility of adoption.  I didn’t expect to want to someday have a dozen children running around my home, feeling safe and secure knowing that they have a mom and dad who love them dearly.   I didn’t expect such a strong desire to lose the attitude of “what about me?”

After one year with Mylie, all I can think about is “what about THEM?”  What about that child, the one with the sad eyes, devoid of all hope?  What about that child who has never known love, never felt love, never had the opportunity to give love?  What about that child, what about THEM…the ones who have been left behind?

When we quit asking ourselves “What about me?”, and start thinking “What about them?” our lives open up, our hearts open up, and suddenly the world is filled with color.  Brilliant; life changing, soul changing color.  We don’t want to go back to that black and white existence.  We want to press on, hand in hand with God and ask “What next?”

After all, He created us.  He loves us.  He knows us inside and out.  He knows that He didn’t design us to seek our comfort first.  He designed us to discover that the greatest joys of our life happen when we serve others.  It is our job to listen and obey His voice deep in our souls that says “Go child, this is what I made you for.”  Then, and only then, will we feel fulfilled, feel that sense of joy deep in our souls, and the peace we have never known. 

For Dave and me, adoption has not just been about adding another child to our family.  It has changed our lives, deepened our hearts, and opened our eyes to the need to listen to God’s call.

God does not call us all to adopt.  But I’m asking you today, if He calls you, please listen.   God does not call us all to contribute financially to an adoption.  But I’m asking you today, if he calls you, please listen.

After one year with Mylie, my most treasured time of the day is when she folds her hands at night, and begins to thank God in her sweet little voice for her mommy, her daddy, her sisters, and her home.   Each and every time I listen to her, I am so very glad, that we listened to His call. 

Kris and Dave Gleason – Danielle, MacKenzie, and Mylie